Advice On How To Protect Yourself

Being a victim of domestic violence is not easy. It can be hard to know how to get away or even how to defend yourself. It is possible to get caught up in a cycle of abuse and not know the right way to respond.

Here are some common tips on how to protect yourself in this situation.

Know The Signs

If you think you are being abused then learn what the signs of abuse are. This can be an eye-opener and change how you see things. Ask yourself these questions, and if you can answer yes to any of them then you are being abused

  • Does your partner insult you and find problems with you?
  • Do they deny you the right to friends?
  • Do they try to keep you from family?
  • Do they demand you give a reason if you try and leave the house?
  • Do they threaten or intimidate you?

Get Help

If you are physically hurt due to domestic violence, get medical help. Don’t try to hide it, you deserve treatment. You don’t have to say how you got hurt, but make sure you take care of yourself.

It Is Not Your Fault

You are not alone. Many people are trapped in abusive situations. You do not deserve to be abused and have not brought it upon yourself.  Getting help should be your next step.

It Does Effect Your Children

Your children should not have to grow up in an abusive home. Growing up and seeing domestic violence treated as normal can influence them. They might grow up to be adults who think that is normal. They may abuse partners or let themselves be abused because it’s what they know.

If your children are also being abused then you need to get help. They deserve to be raised in a good home without violence or threats.

Tell Someone

Don’t suffer alone, don’t be silent. If you tell someone about the abuse you might be able to get help when you need it. Telling someone can change everything and it may give you the courage you need to break free from the domestic violence.

Find Somewhere Safe

Once you realize you are being abused, it is time to start a game plan. Figure out a place you and your children can go long term, or how you can get help. If you leave without a plan, you are more likely to go back to your abuser.