Become A Volunteer

Volunteers are a necessary part of our organization. It is through the hard work of our volunteers that we can expand our reach so far. Come and help make a difference for our communities.

Support Survivors

One method of volunteering involves being a helpline advocate. That means you need to answer phones and assist those called to the best of your abilities.

You have to understand what it means to be a domestic violence survivor and be able to take notes. You have to know how to explain our resources and provide help.

It is important that women who call in be given a chance to be heard. They may have spent many years with no one listening to them. It’s important to validate their feelings and push to help them make a change. Provide them with what they need to take the next step.

Event Coordination

We sponsor many events throughout Oklahoma. As always, we are looking for those who can help organize these events. Transportation, interpersonal skills, and networking are all important for this type of volunteer week.

We need people ready to go and who are confident in what we are doing. Everyone needs to know we are out there.