Domestic Violence And Its Reasons

Domestic violence is not always the black and white picture we see on television. Of course, there is violence and abuse that is easy to see. That is not the only version of it that exists. Many others are easier to hide or discredit.

Domestic violence is basically any behavior that is abusive. It is behaviors meant to control or intimidate a person. It applies to partners or family members. People seem to think anger issues or alcohol abuse can cause it. That is not the case. It is a learned behavior.

Domestic Violence Types

It is more than visible injury. Domestic violence has many categories that can be labeled as abuse. In an awful turn, most people believe it only counts if it is physical.

Of course, physical violence can be more bodily harm. That does not lessen the impact and dangers of other types of abuse.

Types of abuse include:


Controlling behavior is a common form of abuse. The abuser believes they are justified in their extreme methods. It can be subtle and hard for some people to realize it is not okay. It can start out small then escalate.

Your partner may not allow you to pick out your own clothing. Or they may shame you when you wear something they don’t approve of. They might monitor calls or text messages or check your odometer to make sure you are telling the truth of where you have been.

They might be jealous and possessive when you spend time with other people. They may make you feel like you can’t survive without them or are incapable.

    Economic abuse

    Emotional abuse or intimidation

Emotional abuse can be just as scarring as physical. It can involve degrading commentary or threats. They might continuously criticize or belittle you. It is important for them to replace your reality with their version and manipulate you.


Increasingly they will try to keep you from friends and family. They may say they don’t like them or try to present it as romantic because they want you all to themselves.

    Physical abuse

Threatening violence or committing it is physical abuse. So is not getting your help if you need it or just being physically aggressive. There is the classic hitting, slapping, beating, etc. that is shown as a classic example.

But it also involves denying access to money, interrupting sleep or eating, or even just punching walls and breaking things.

    Sexual abuse

This is when sex is forced on someone or even pushed on them when they don’t want it. This can mean your partner makes you feel guilty for not wanting to have sex. This involves verbal and physical abuse.

    Verbal abuse such as blames, threats, and coercion

This is language that is abusive in nature. It seeks to threaten or even embarrass a victim so they are controlled. This involves yelling at the victim or insulting them and making them feel like less than a person or that they deserve this treatment.