Who Are We

We are “See it and stop it” – Organization Combating With Domestic Violence in Oklahoma.

Domestic violence is more common in the average household thank people think. In the United States, it is still quite prevalent. That is why we exist. As long as there are men, women, and children who suffer abuse, then we will be here fighting for them.

We are an organization based out of Oklahoma. We are made up of people who want to raise their voices for the abused. We seek to combat domestic violence. Domestic violence is violence that takes place in the home, generally toward wife and child. There are no gender specifics though, and violence can be any gender.

“See it and stop it” were formed in 2007 when we realized there needed to be advocates for domestic violence victims. Legislation needed to be updated to help victims.

Together, we link many shelters for victims of domestic violence. It is important to help spread information about domestic violence and what it looks like. Many people don’t have the resources to leave abusive partners.

Our organization is here to help survivors. We provide care and information as needed. It’s hard to realize that your health and safety is important, abusers can easily manipulate. That’s why we educate, inform, and assist.